Planning to buy Best IPTV Subscription with all available IPTV supported devices and free IPTV channels list. You are in the right place. IPTV is market leading Internet Protocol TV provider in Canada, USA, UK and all over the world.

Why is IPTV Better than Regular TV Subscription?

While having a regular TV subscription, you have to deal with a lot of “stupid” stuff which usually leads you to nothing but frustration. High Cost, less convenience, and poor quality make regular tv subscription one of the worst decision to take in the current era. Setup cost for traditional cable tv subscription touching the sky nowadays as well as Satellite TV setup will cost you-you’re one month salary at least. Even after such effort and money wastage, you would not get the required quality and features. A number of available channels are too low as compared to MyIPTV Channels List and you have to pay for every channel each.

On the other hand, MyIPTVhd comes up with the massive IPTV Channels list, over 6000+ HD including sports, news, entertainment, health, travel and movies channels in High Definition quality. MyIPTVhd is not only the market leader in providing Reliable IPTV Subscription in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and in the world but also offers Premium before and after sale support.

MyIPTV vs Traditional cable TV | A Quick Comparison:


When we try to encounter most reliable IPTV subscription, in the presence of cable tv subscription, MyIPTVhd clearly far better than its competitor. We not only provide state of the art “Best IPTV Customer care support” but also ensure that our servers remain live 24/7/365. Over 4 thousand happy subscribers are the proof of our quality server and reliability. This character makes us “Most Reliable IPTV Subscription Provider in the World.

Supported Devices:
  • There are very few options of supported devices while selecting cable tv subscription. Every subscription provider has its own/selected supported tv device. As result, you will end up spending double money than expected.
    MyIPTV comes up with a wide range of supported devices, regular and digital, to make your life easier. Not only on the best IPTV box catcher devices, you can enjoy your best quality IPTV service on Smart devices.
    Here are the available methods you can use for Reliable IPTV subscriptions service:
  • IPTV Kodi
  • Kodi Addons for Live TV
  • Kodi Ccloud
  •  IPTV on VLC
  • Mag 250/254 IPTV
  • Android Smart TV
  • iOS Smart TV
  • STV
  • IPTV
  • Amazon Fire TV


The best advantage of shifting from regular cable tv subscription to MyIPTV Subscription plan is the value of money. You would be more than pleased when you will not have to pay hundreds of Dollars on worthless, inefficient and ordinary regular cable tv subscription because MyIPTV is on your side. With the best live IPTV subscription plans as well as 24 hours free IPTV trial policy for our valuable customers.
Furthermore, MyIPTVhd has broken down the prices into 5 plans.
1- 24 hours FREE IPTV Trial
2- Basic IPTV Subscription Plan
Duration: 1 Month
Price: $19.49
3- Pro IPTV Subscription Plan
Duration: 3 Months
Price: $44.49
4- Super IPTV Subscription Plan
Duration: 6 Months
Price: $66.60
5- Gold IPTV Subscription Plan
Duration: 1 Year
Price: $124.49

In conclusion, currents ages belong to the latest technologies. While selecting the best option for your Television requirements, there are a lot of options available including regular cable tv, satellite tv, and OTT streaming. But most affordable and reliable IPTV Subscription prices and plans outclass all other available options. MyIPTVHD not only fulfills your entertainment needs but also comes with dependable IPTV support, affordable plans, and Best IPTV Channels List.